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What is Outoo?

Outoo is an exciting next generation events discovery and social mobile application. By helping you to find events you shouldn’t be missing out on and connect with people before you arrive Outoo will revolutionise your social life. This all-in-one app makes going out that much more exciting. It’s your best friend when it comes to searching for new events, exploring your city and discovering it’s hidden treasures with other people.

Choose your time period

Decide when you want to find events & meet people. We split the events into simple night & day categories for you, giving you loads of variety.


See who’s going to quirky & popular events near you or export your location to a city of your choice.


Choose where you want to go, get tickets and see who else is going.

Start chatting

Start talking to the people whose profiles you like. You’ll also see profiles of people going nearby so you can make sure you don’t miss your chance.

Cue profiles

Instead of vague and unhelpful bios Outoo asks users to answer three simple questions. Their answers give you a small insight into their world. It’s up to you to find out more.


Once you’ve both turned up Outoo will let you know you are close by and give you a final chance to find each other before the chat terminates. It’s time to actually meet.

What is the Online / Offline concept that Outoo’s built around?

We believe that technology should be used to enhance human interaction, not replace it. With that in mind Outoo embraces technology while creating real connections. Outoo gives you all the benefits and ease of a mobile app, while making sure that you don’t just endlessly stare at a screen. Get out there. Search, Explore & Discover with people that make you smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Outoo mean?

See who’s going out too – see what we did there?

Can other people see where I am?

NO! Other users can only see where you are planning to go. They do not know the precise time you will be there and Outoo will never share your current location. Thirty minutes after you’ve both arrived the chat will terminate although this does not necessarily mean they are still there.

Do I need to allow Outoo to access my location?

We highly recommend it. Outoo is a geolocation based application and as such it needs access to your location. It is only with this access that we can suggest venues and events around you and let you know when you and your matches have arrived at the same location.

Why are there two locations with the same name?

The search bar isn’t always perfect and there will be some locations with the same or similar versions of the same name. Don’t worry! We recommend checking into the suggestion at the top of the list but Outoo has a minimum discoverable distance of 0.1km so you will still be able to connect with people that are going to the same venue but selected a slightly different name.

Will my premium membership automatically renew?

No, no, no. You will have to manually renew your membership. We’re not going to take money without your permission, that’s not really our style.

Does Outoo do anything to my Facebook?

Outoo will never post anything to your Facebook. Checking into an event or venue on Outoo will not check you into that event or venue on Facebook.

I can’t find an event I am looking for

We try to keep the events as up-to-date as possible, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for then just send us an email and we will get it added as soon as we can:

How can I change the information in my profile?

We automatically upload some of your photos from Facebook but if you want to add or amend them it’s simple enough to do. You can delete pictures by hitting the x in the bottom corner of your photos on the edit profile page. If you wish to add a new photo just press the “Add photo” button & if you want to change your photos around simply tap them and then select another photo that you wish to swap them with.

You can amend your answers to your cue questions on the same page. Just click on the question and get typing. There are two things you can’t change - your name and age. To help ensure our users are real and verified we ask you all to log in through Facebook. Outoo automatically draws your Name and Age from Facebook so in order to change theses you will need to change them on Facebook, close the Outoo app fully and then re-open it.

What are the three questions on my profile for?

These three questions are just cues. We got bored with the same old bios. How can you possibly tell someone anything meaningful about you in 600 characters. Instead we encourage users to answer these questions as cues to speak to each other. Just a little glimpse into the other persons world, it’s then up to you to dig a little deeper.

Our three answers:

Favourite place in the world?
G16 California - the birth place of Outoo.

Favourite topic of conversation?
Live music. Whether it’s the local pub or Ed Sheeran’s set in Dublin (YouTube it!). As long as there’s a guitar and sneakers we’re in.

One meal for the rest of your life?
Fajita or Burito – tough choice!

If we didn't cover it here just get in touch, we’re always happy to answer your questions: